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System Design & Integration
Wireless LAN & WAN
Wireless Mesh

QuickNets specializes in turn-key data, surveillance and voice wireless network packages. From 11Mb/s to Gigabit wireless backbones, including fiber optic redundancy. Across the street or 40 miles away, high speed networking is more affordable. QuickNets is a leading high-speed wireless integrator, for all wireless applications and technologies.

Direct line-of-site is no longer necessary for wireless bridges. Near-line-of-site and non-line-of-site are new reliable technologies that provide safe and secure high-speed connectivity with more flexibility.


Technologies include:
High-speed “line-of-sight” wireless backbone
High-speed “near-line-of-sight” wireless backbone
High-speed Point-to-Multi Point
High-speed Redundant Mesh
High-speed facility wide roving access points

4.9 GHz Public Safety Technologies